Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Will the USA become more civilised?

Here is some very good news, if it is true: The Tide Shifts Against the Death Penalty, says TIME Magazine.

It seems DNA evidence is the main reason for a recent fall in US executions. Apparently, various cases in which suspects were able to prove their innocence beyond doubt by means of DNA have made people realise that there really is such a thing as the conviction of the innocent.

Some of us knew this 40 or more years ago. Still, better late than never.


Dave Cole said...

I hope so, I really do. I think people are also beginning to cotton on (no pun intended) to the racism that operates in the application of the death penalty.

As an aside, the technique that allows DNA to be presented as evidence is very closely related to one of the (very many) convincing pieces of evidence for evolution - something else that could do with promotion in the US.

peezedtee said...

I agree, but the case for evolution has been convincing for decades, with or without that. As a rationalist, I find it deeply alarming how many people are apparently still reluctant to believe it. Then again, quite a lot of people seem to believe in such preposterous things as astrology and homeopathy, so what hope is there.