Thursday, 12 February 2009

British jobs for Japanese workers

See this: Anger over new UK trains contract from the BBC.

Ha ha ha! The Supreme Leader must really be regretting making that silly promise at the Labour Party Conference about British workers.

Of course we must all unite against protectionism and nationalism. WTO rules, level playing field, and all that. But have the Japanese bought any European trains? Er, no. Have the Japanese bought any European anything? I think we should be told.


Neil Harding said...

I suppose the reason the Japanese have not bought any European trains is that theirs are better - in which case aren't they right not to buy European?

peezedtee said...

I doubt they are any better than French or German trains. Of course it makes sense for the Japanese to make their own trains. So for that matter do the French and Germans, very largely. All of them are perfectly good trains. The UK seems to be the only significant country buying trains from the other side of the world.