Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Boris Routemaster plan is a non-starter, say experts

Transit magazine reveals that transport industry professionals are saying that Boris Johnson's proposal to resurrect the Routemaster bus is a complete non-starter:

A senior executive with a UK bus builder said a new Routemaster could not be certified, and would be too expensive. "It's not been thought through," he told Transit.

Other experts also cast doubt on the plan. Sandy Glennie, the former managing director of Volvo Bus UK, said that having an open rear platform on a new bus was a "non starter".

Andrew Braddock, the former head of access and mobility at Transport for London, estimated that the vehicles would cost the mayor more than £250,000 each, much more expensive than a conventional double decker or an artic.
And yet this was originally supposed to be the centrepiece of Johnson's mayoral campaign.

Is there any reason to think that any of his other proposals are likely to be any more soundly based?

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