Friday, 20 November 2009

My blog has been discovered

Something called -- claiming to be "the UK's leading dedicated political news website", which is a new one on me; aren't there more than enough political news websites already? -- has, I have just discovered, done a review of my blog.

The anonymous reviewer says "There are a great many problems with this blog", (huh? such as what?), "but the writing is entertaining". Well thank you for that. Apparently "Some of the writing borders on offensive" (huh?) and "the site is ugly to look at" (huh? It is just a standard blogspot layout.)

Despite these terrible errors of which I was hitherto unaware, "Peezedtee is saved from oblivion by fiery prose and trenchant opinion. This makes the blog an enjoyable enough diversion, rather than an abject failure." Thank you. Thank you so much.


Raven said...

Hey P, I saw that too (on a site I subscribe to) and was equally baffled by their comments about your blog. I think it's a great bold layout (I am forever fiddling with mine) with clear prose and I haven't caught up with any 'offensive' bits yet (if there are any!). Perhaps it's because you're not easily categorized politically...R

peezedtee said...

I can't take any credit/debit for the layout -- it is just one of the off-the-peg layouts offered by blogspot.

As for "offensive", I think what people often mean by that is simply that they disagree with the views expressed!