Monday, 17 November 2008

Let them eat cake

I popped into Waitrose yesterday to get a few odds and sods, not including booze as we had enough of that for now.

Looking at my half-full trolley, I guessed I had probably spent about 40 quid, or 50 at the outside.

Here is the bill: £92.95. I thought the lady at the checkout must have made a mistake, but no, it all adds up.

Happily, the boyf and I are on reasonably good pensions. How the poor are supposed to manage, I have no idea.


Jamie said...

The poor don't shop at Waitrose, Pauly! We (well, no longer, but I was a starving student 15 years ago) shop at Tesco or Asda, in the own-brand/dented tin section.

What's been amusing me of late has been the richer people amongst us who have (rightly) switched to organic, free-range, low food-miles shopping in the last ten years who are now to be heard (wrongly) boasting of their patronage of Netto, Aldi and Lidl, where they buy rubbish, intensively-farmed muck that's been flown from far off Third World countries... but save a few pennies.

It's all fashion, of course: fashion for green products is replaced by fashion for cheap products. So much for principles!

Of course, the true way to save money and the environment is to cook for the freezer like the boyf and I do - one shop a fortnight for local fresh vegetables, fish and meat, cook it off and freeze it. Little plastic and meals come in at just under a pound per day per person.

But now I'm boasting :o)

peezedtee said...

Yo Jamie
Ha ha, yes. Actually I normally shop at Tesco 'cos it happens to be just across the road. But it is such a crap store that occasionally I have to trek to Waitrose for things Tesco doesn't stock, like pitted prunes and parmesan cheese. And while there I buy other stuff they have which is invariably better than Tesco equivalent.
Re cooking for freezing, I admire your effort but I'm nowhere near that organised and/or too hassled and/or can't be arsed.
Anywhere my excuse is our freezer is minute. No doubt you'll tell me we should get a bigger one ...
P xx