Friday, 28 March 2008

Things I am sick of hearing/reading about

(1) House prices. House prices are whatever they are. I propose to live in this house until I drop dead, so I don't want to know about any other houses.

(2) The McCanns. A tragedy for them, but why is it of any interest to anyone else?

(3) So-called "celebrities", most of whom I have never heard of. TheLondonPaper is a particularly egregious offender here, but even the proper press seems to be obsessed.

(3) Motorcars. Completely unnecessary if you live in a city; indeed, a positive liability. I have enjoyed not having a car for 28 years now.

(4) Cookery. Food is nice, but does every other TV programme have to be about it? Do any real people actually do all this cooking?

(5) Crime. About 70% of cinema and TV fiction seems to be about criminals and detectives. This gives a wildly false impression of life, as also does the gutter press every time it makes a big splash about actual crimes. People end up thinking crime is much worse than it is.

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